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About Me

videographer, photographer + media producer

I've been working in the industry for over 7 years. Creating is a passion of mine and one of my biggest hobbies. That is why I strive to create the best possible product for the client, furthering their dynamic vision with my own talent. When you love what you do, you do it well.

I specialize in event videography, promotional videos for businesses, interviews, and personal videography. I love to capture true raw moments and that is what my videos encompass. Creating a video that causes the viewer to feel a moment or emotion is what I'm all about when it comes to personal videos. When it comes to work for your business or product, professionalism and explanation is of utmost importance. 

I have been creating videos since I was a child. In the past, I worked at TV studios in live production until I understood freelance videography was for me. I have worked with clients and corporations, creating promotional videos, company videos, as well as in depth training videos. I have a degree in Video Production from Northcentral Technical College, and a DMCA in Big Data and Data Science in Digital Media and Marketing from Duke University.




Grand Mesa Film Festival

"The Secret Quest" won People's Choice and Best Up and Coming. "Onism" was featured. April 2023.


Grand Mesa Film Festival

"Desire" won Most Creative. April 2022.

Grand Junction Film Festival

"Onism" was featured. October 2022.

San Mauro Film Festival

"Revolution", "Desire", and "Lost" were semi-finalists. June 2018.


Lift-Off International Film Festival

"Roadies" featured in top 10. February 2019.

Las Vegas Global Film Convention

"Revolution" featured. April 2019.


Big Dreams Youth Film Festival

"Revolution" featured. June 2017.

West Chester Film Festival

"Do You Want to Buy a Box of Cookies?" featured. June 2016.

Peoples Improv Theatre of NYC

"Love Yourself" featured. June 2016.

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